Monday, April 09, 2007


It freakin snowed yesterday! What! Ah, that is exactly the thing I hate about April. Today it is raining. AH!

Have I told you that my DD is not my husbands biological daughter? Nevermind, she isn´t anyway and I can´t belive that I haven´t scrapped that she goes to her father every other weekend and has been since she was 1 years old. Then I saw the HMITM #30 and thought, yep I´ll make a page about the very important memory and make the challenge!

She left for her father yesterday and she is going to be there until friday. She has a loose tooth again and I just wanted to take a photo of her with her tooth since I think she is going to loose it before she gets back home. I can´t belive that she is never going to look like this again, do you know what I mean?!

I have acctually organized my albums! Yay me! It was amazing to go through ever page again. I recommend it. I have a few diffrent albums now in diffrent categories: My DD, me & my DH, events with other people, and me. It makes so much more sense acctually. And how fun is it to see how ones style has evolved over the years. At first it was all about the papers and embellishments for me. The memory and even the photo was secondary. Now, I almost laugh about that, because I have so changed my opinion about the whole scrapbooking in general. I scrapook to keep memories. Memories of how my DD:s life is everyday I want her to know the little things that is and was special when she was young. Now I want everything to be about the photo and especially the journaling. I tend to journal more now and if it is truly just a great photo I don´t journal that much other than where and when the photo was taken.

I read the Dare and Taras it is! Then I went to work the other day and a little girl had a T-shirt on with the text Me Me Me [definition: a person who is perfect, pretty and all-around great! Isn´t that great!

Have a perfect, pretty and all-around great day!


Jeremy said...

haha... snow. that's funny. It's a bit cloudy here but no where NEAR that cold. Don't get sick!

inge said...

Hi Lisa,

Do you mind if I steal your album-organize-idea?! I think it makes a whoooooooole lot of sense to do it like that! Thanks for that great idea.

SNOW?!!! You poor thing :( It's not very warm here, but I don't hope we'll get snow again. It's SPRINGTIME!!!

He lovely lady... have a nice evening...