Monday, April 16, 2007


I took this last night at the beach! Cool eh! hrm..besides the fact that the car window makes me look fat :(

I made it! I made the HMITM challenge this week and it is just monday! Yay me! :) I like how it turned out and I am so happy that I am beginning to see that much stuff on one page CAN be ok. They don´t have to be that big see. As a perfect example you can see Kims. It is perfect, isnt it? It is not overloaded at all, although she has used 5 diffrent cardstock, 5 transperies and 5 words to describe her daughter. Cool! Here is my take:

I have been lurking blogs again :) I love that! And besides Kims :) I have been looking at Ali´s blog and I like her work more and more. Be sure to check it out. Besides being a great scrapbooker she takes amazing photos too.

Donna posted a really cool photo of her green paint. I LOVE the color green and that photo makes me go mmm...

And here is a girl I´d love to have a blog. I have always loved Shelleys scrapbooking work. She is so clean and simple and that makes me so happy.

This is my latest BOS entry over at 2peas. I am soo making one of these for this summer. No, we are not making any big trips but I thought I´d use it like randomly and maybe use the things i write about in a layout or 2. The second last layout is this and I love it. You can see Saras gallery here.

I also got a RAK from Canada today. Totally made my day as usual! And I sent 3 of my own.

My Gosh I really don´t have anything to say today, eh :) I´ll put you out your misery :) See you tomorrow!

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