Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seven is a wonderful age. My daughter is 7.5 years old right now and she is a thrill to be around. She is so smart and clever. And she thinks and sees the world with totally different eyes then me sometimes. As she said when she was sick and my husband was home sick aswell: Mom, why can´t you be home with me. I replied: Well, we loose a lot of money if I am home too. She said: Oh, why is money so important, why can´t people be more important!
And how right is she!
The other night we went to bed way late and I had told her to go to sleep numerous times. But she just talked and talked on and on. Then she said:
ok, i won´t ask anything more.
I felt guilty and said: It´s ok.
Ok, she said, how come boats have so much petrol?
I replied: I guess it is because they have big tanks.
Ok, she said. Mom, What´s up with hiccups? In movies they always get hiccups when they get scared.
Hm, I said, I think it is a nerv that makes that.
Ok, she said. Mom, she finally said, are there giants?
No, I said.
Ok. Then she turned around and fell asleep. I love that!
I made this layout preserving that memory!
Kim! She I used the very first (of many) rub-ons!

The weather have been so good here and I love that. My dog loves it too. Although he loves to play in the snow too! Here he is with the cat!

I leave you with at link list:

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My last entry to my BOS at 2peas. I am so doing one :)

I think I have to do one of these because I just bought another pair of these!

I am so happy that I have found this. (one of Nely´s layouts is the very first in my BOS!)

Someone calls this a favorite! :) It´s mine!

This is a new favorite place for me!

Have a wonderful day! Say some hi!

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