Monday, March 12, 2007

I knew it!

I just knew she would love the mini board! Here she is in action and then she posed some for her mama today :) She is so sweet I could eat her up! I love the fact that she is one of those cool girls now. When she was...well up to her 4th year she was like if it is not pink or purple I am not wearing it! :) But then suddenly the summer before her 4th birthday she changed almost over night. And now ever since she started school she is all hardcore-i love black and blue-cool chickie. I just wish that she would speak up for herself a little bit better, you know toughen up a bit. She is too kind and caring and I am afraid that people will use that...oh, well she is mine and I love that!

Edited: I did the How much is to much challenge this week. Check it out in my 2peas gallery.


inge said...

Yeah she realy is one cool kid!!!
I love those trowsers with the holes!!! How cool can you be?!!

Love INge

Kim said...

She is just darling!!! Great photos!!