Thursday, March 01, 2007

i had some fun

scrapping and just playing and not thinking so much. It was fun! I have been using paint alot lately. I have always been in doubt about doing that, afraid to mess something up. But I have realized that that makes it fun, to mess things up a little :)

I was going through the computer in search for some good photos, since I haven´t taken any recently (that I haven´t already scrapped that is) and I found this one and a cuple more from the same session. I think that my daughter looks so confident in the photo and the journaling says: belive in yourself.

I love the fact that there were "white space" in this photo and i used it to write small advises for my girl. It is fun to doodle a little and paint a little :)

I found this photo also among the others I scrapped today. And I love it too.

There are always small signs of my daughter around the house. I went into her room the other day and found this. It puts a smile on my face seeing her fantasy shine through.

This is so typical for my girl. All surounded with her stuffed animals and deep in fantasy and play.
Edited: Marie! The HMITM is the How Much Is To Much challenges that are posted here it basiclly challenge you to use as much supplies as you can on a page :) It´s fun, but I rarely finish a project since i think it IS to much! Check it out!

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