Monday, March 05, 2007

i am back!

and it feels so good. I know that my internet connection was only gone for a cuple of days, but my God I miss it when it is! Fortunatley I had my mom on looking for new emails :) So what has been up with you all?

We have been sick as dogs the last week. My DD had a fever for almost the entire week and then the DH caught it sunday last week. He has astma and that means that he almost always gets more sick than everyone else. No he has a bad pneumonia, poor guy. I feel bad for him, but a little for me too, because when he is sick I litterally have to do everything myself. We have 2 dogs, as you may know, and I walk them everyday otherwise too, but he usually takes them in the morning so that they are set until I have a lunchbreak and bike home from work to walk then for 20 minutes or so. Then he usually takes them on a longer walk in the evening. Now, we have this set already: I do housework he renovates the house and maintain it. But while he is sick I cook, clean, wash, dish, tidy, read homework with DD, blog (!), and all those other million things we women just do! AND on top of that walk the dogs all the walks, fire up so that we can shower and everything else there is to do. Oh, my I am complaining I know, It feels good :) It is really not that bad at all! I just hope that he feels better soon.

I started krocheting a bit over the weekend after seeing so many posts about knitting around. Over at Donnas blog offcourse and Cathys too. And I think that Marie also have been knitting up a storm :) It is fun I think. I am bad at knitting but i have this krochet thing going on. Previously I have made some brachelates by adding some cool buttons. But now I have a bigger project going on. I am working on a bag! I love bags as you know and i am not at all going for a big one but still. I have begun using some yarn I had laying around. I always buy my yarn at garage sales or the Salvation army so there are seldome enough for a sweater or so. But some bits and pieces. We´ll see how that goes. I´ll keep you updated! :)


Marie said...

oh how fun! i never thought of a knitted bracelet!! :)

inkie said...

I looooove to complain to... it's a women's thing I think; we just have to ventilate once in a while ;)
I love your bracelets, but help me out here; crocketing is that with one tiny metal thing with a little hook and knitting is with to "sticks"?! Am I right?