Monday, April 19, 2010

one year ago...

i read somewhere that someone was urged to look back on what they did one year ago. i got curious and went back to this month and almost the same day last year. apperently i had a bad day and turned to some garden work to cheer me up. i used to do that alot last year, garden work that is. now i am just itching to start working in the garden, but it is still alittle to cold to start putting seeds in the ground. i have, however, made plans for the work to come and have started taking care of the seedlings inside.

i also made some easy photo documentations of the everyday.

we were out in the woods everyday with work and i was feeling so lucky to have a job where i could be outside so much.

me and my husband got married on april 27th 2002, so last year around this time, we celebrated 7 years as a married cuple.

i might do a scrapbook page about how life has been this year, this month!

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