Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 on thursday

Hm...what will my 10 on thursday list be about today??? i have nothing prepared and my mind is blank...i think i will link you up to my 10 latest favorites on flickr!

ok, here i go!

snutur uploaded this amazing photo and i loved the colors!

rosina shared a bubble photo that is amazing!

i wish this was my clothesline!

this wip project is so sweet!

you just have to see this dress! i so need it!

love these rocks!

i am on a yellow high right now and this is so beautiful!

so pretty colors on this grannysquare blanket!

oh, i so want to try a project like this!

my bike is pink, but i might need a blue one now :)

ok, was that 10? i have so many favorites :)

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