Friday, October 10, 2008


I found some time this afternoon and night to create some :) it all started this morning when i was over at SIStv and saw this Challenge it is to document this random friday in october and to use bits and pieces from today. Something like a mini week in the life if you may. and for me this was more doable han the whole week thing, which i really want to do sometime! So here is my layout for that.

*planned at work
*painted with the kids
*took a long walk
*scrapped & blogged
*bought some medicine for my husband
*aet chocolate
*helped my daughter to get ready for a school dance
*packed a small package to send out
*looked in a box from panduro (hobby store)


i took this next photo of sadie and dixon the other day. i made them stay so hard, because i really wanted to capture them laying like that (dixon was first and then sadie came and layed down beside him) ps. i know the layout is way busy!

these two are like joined at the hip or something :) dixon loves his daddy so very much. and can you tell the feeling is mutual :)

i wanted to do something with the fall photo shoot the other day with my daughter. and this is it... me not like :(

if you remember this post from the other day, you know that i was going to fix this a little more. so i did. a little. i added the word love, spelled with those lovely abc blocks i thrifted and i ordered a enlarged copy of a lovely photo of our hands that my daughter took. me love much.

i hope you all have a wonderful day!

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