Wednesday, October 15, 2008

happy things when you are sick

hi, still no voice here...but there are several things that you can do while being quite. Like having tea in bed with an Agatha Christie murder...

going into the kitchen and see these little house magnets that i bought in amsterdam in february...making me smile.

choosing to see the beauty in this little garden rose my husband gave to me while i was crying and feeling bad the other day, instead of the sink full of dishes.

making oatmeal for my daughter this morning and using this cutie salt shaker :)

some random beauty in the kitchen window.

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littlegreen said...

okay, that first one, seriously, sometimes I wish I could take a sick day every day and just stay in bed all cozy and read... so nice... hope you're feelin' better soon, or at least can talk!

lauren said...

great shot of the mug and the book - wish you were feeling better, but I would LOVE to be at home right now, reading and enjoying something hot and yummy!

staceyfike said...

those rocks are lovely!!

sandra said...

i hope you're feeling better soon.
Sasha is just getting her voice back too.

i love those rocks. too cute!