Sunday, February 03, 2008

weekend recap

...this could possibly be the shortest post ever, because all i have really done is blow my nose and sneezed :) So, I will make this as a post by numbers:

21 the age my sister turns today!

789 swedish crowns spend on shopping friday :)

10 cm of snow on saturday

10387 Kleenex used :)

2 weekly cards made (will share later)

0 new books to read, must go to the library!

1 minibook in the making w/ photos from playdate

2 Valentines Day minibook started

"#¤% liters of diet coke consumed...

1 cat to spend my lazy days with

I promise I will be back soon with a more creative post!


Monika said...

Oh, get well soon!!! I had the same last week and I can´t count how many of Kleenex I used :-)))

mel said...

I do hope you get better soon. I think I love coke zero as much as you love diet coke :)

inkie said...

Hi sweetie,

hope you get well soon.
I love that picture; great angle.