Wednesday, May 05, 2010

random crafts

i did some other-than-paper-and-glue crafts lately. i thought that i´d share some of them now. first, sadies collar broke the other week and we just haven´t been into town to get her a new one, so made her one.

i used some thrifted fabric for this and a ring from one of my curtain holders :) i had bought the closers a while ago for something else. i will have to take a photo of her wearing it soon.

next up is some easy peasy keyholders or just something to snazzy up a handbag :) when i first sewed them i just stuffed them with quilt stuffer, but they were a bit light. so for the next few ones i filled them with rice. i use mine on the car key and it is nice and "heavy" in your hand.

i just realized that both these projects are great ones if you are new to sewing and to use up those bits and scraps from other projects, and god knows i have alot of those!

i also made an apron kinda thing. i plan to use it at work where we have a lot of really young kids right now, so they have pacifiers and stuff, and i think i blow noses like 50 times everyday :) so those kinds of things are going into the pockets. but i guess it would be equally awesome while shopping or even crafting!

lastly, a friend is having a baby like any minute now, so i thought i´d do something to put in a basket for her and the new little one. i have made these in the past, but this time i filled the "label-chewy-thing" :) with sime quilt filling. the ribbons are actually from 2 of my shirts that i don´t wear anymore. instead of throwing it away i saved them and use them as fabrics in my small sewing adventures :)

so, there you have it!

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