Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a day in the life

with all the delicious "week in the life" projects floating around the web, i was super inspired to do something like it. i already knew that i am not ready to make it a whole week, so i did a mini version with only one day.

i picked monday may 10th and i think i did do quite well. i had my camera and a notepad and a pen with me throughout the day. i jotted down small notes and times. what did i see? well...

* i dedicate quite some time to care for our dogs with several walks, petting and playing.

* i love my job (i already knew that though!)

* it was hard to remember to actually do document things that you do without thinking about it.

* that i tend to do lots of things at once (i need to work on mindfulness!)

* that i love the relaxed atmosphere that we have at home.

* i am happy that i chose a workday.

* i drove 2 times before 8 am in my pyamas :)

now i want to start doing some pages about this. and as i said before, there are a lot of inspiration all around the internet!

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