Sunday, May 23, 2010

the aftermath

wow. it is over. the weekend i have been preparing for since october. it was so cool to chat with everyone that came by. i got lovely comments and also sold lots of postcards and bookmarks. and a few prints aswell! the weather was superb and the people were out and about and joined up all around the events that took place all over the island.

in the same gallery i was in, there also were 4 others. among them there were a guy who showed some fantastic origami pieces! and a woman that did japanese stitching. and a doggy fan aswell :)

a friend of mine also showed these very cool re-used material flower arrangements. check them out and see of you can see what everyday reused items you see!

and this was my spot. and that is my personal assistant :) i am happy with how it ended up looking and there were many people standing infront of the photos saying that they felt energy beaming out from the colors. that made me happy.

as my status on facebook says; i am tired but happy!


Heather said...

Beautiful photos Lisa x

mel said...

congratulations and the display looks fabulous :)