Sunday, January 03, 2010

scrapbook with free digital stuff

when describing myself as a scrapbooker, i often say that i am very much a hybrid one. i love to take digital elements to my pages either by doing some of my scrapbooking in a photoediting program or by printing digital elements from a digital kit for example.

i have one favorite source of free digital goods is designer digitals if you sign up for their newsletter your inbox will be filled with 3 new freebies every sunday! and i must say that they have alot of good offers and good prices too!

sometimes i download a template that i use as is, just adding my photos.

or use a png. embellishment as a fun way to show a photo.

make elements for my blog.

i use digital elements on my photos that i print and use on a paper page.

oh, and 2peas has lots of free digital kits and templates! i often download them and even if i don´t like all the things in the kit there is always something you can use.

there you have it, another tip for you!

eta: to be able to use digital kits you will have to have a photo editingprogram of some sort installed on your computer. though, there are sometimes jpg. elements in the kits that can be used to print in a WORD document.

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