Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 on thursday ~ fave online places

i love being online and there are so many places to visit that gives me inspiration. these are just 10 of my no particular order.

1. i was introduced to this site a cuple of years ago and at first i was hesitate to have yet one more place where i showed my stuff. but then i started to explore the site and wow it has really become one of my big favorites and a place where i go several times a day.

2. first i didn´t really understand the point of tumblr...i posted very many of my cool finds on the net here on the blog so...but it is such a great place for cool photos! it is also very handy when you are one someone elses computer and find something you want to save for future reference, just save it to your tumblr account.

3. 2 peas in a for a cuple of years i abandonded 2peas for other scrapbook communities, but then i ventured back 2 years ago and realized why i loved that page to begin with. the gallery is full of cool pojects, the garden is very insiring and their digital kits are awesome and affordable.

4. is a great place for crafty things!

5. ashleyann photography i stumbled upon this blog the other week and omg! it is filled with great potography AND some awsome crafty projects!

6. mayamade is filled wih a lovely home and crafty projects.

7. soulemama an alltime favorite!

8. once wed makes me want to get married again and again...and again :)

9. a great place over all :)

10. the farm chick baking, crafting and cuteness!

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em said...

all kinds of good links!
i'm becoming a bit of a tumblr addict... ;)