Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 on thursday (a list of ok´s)

1. it is ok to let go, of the past and things that burden us. but also let go of the expectations that you think that others might have of you.

2. it is ok to not try to be perfect. let´s face it, nobody is perfect, really. i have to admitt that i am one of those who sometimes actualy think that there are people, families, houses that indeed are perfect. but i do know that there is no such thing. why, o why, do we think that we have to be?

3. it is ok to miss things that we don´t have. but it is also important to really know what you do have!

4. it is ok to fail. everyone fails, even if they might not show it. learn from failures, there is always a reason for that.

5. it is ok to not care, about what people might think of you, how others might react or feel about something that really does only concern yourself.

6. it is ok to love, yourself and others and it is ok to show your love!

7. it is ok to cry. it is. and it does feel good.

8. it is ok to be proud. to hold your head high. to say to a total stranger at your daughters recital; you know that´s my my baby! :)

9. it is ok that the house is a mess, as long as the relationships in it are not.

10. it is ok to play and loose control. to laught until you cry watching stand up comedy, to do funny faces at the dinner table and to cuddle in the morning although you still have morning breath.

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em said...

love this list. :)
i especially like #9 right now.