Friday, November 27, 2009

totally random friday post

i am home today, my daughter is sick and i did a eswl treatment yesterday (they blew my kidneystone up) and i have had such a hell of a night last night and i am still recovering. we are having a still day lounging around doing stuff here and there. my daughter is so bored and i am out of ideas. she has been home all week with fever and a cold, so i understand the boredom!

i didn´t think i would jump on the december daily wagon this year, but what do you know, i did :) just like i did last year :) i have seen so many lovely examples on the world wide web and i made mine real simple as i did last year. i used page protectors that i cut up to make a minibook. 3 bookrings and cardboard covers. i hope that i can keep up with taking pictures and adding journaling too.

the other day i made this 2 minute gift for my neices and nephew. it is the simplest and fastest gift i have ever made. i had some tree trinkets and 2 sticker sheets. made 2 out of each and voila a memogame is born!

i have just printed our christmas cards that we are sending out this year. i made them all photo = photo + writing on photo = christmas joy! i cut them up and my very bored daughter put them all in their envelopes. i was a little afraid that my inks would fail on me, but the printer let me print them all!

my to do list is a mile lone but i think i will take this upcoming weekend to keep still and fully recover from this kidney thing! tomorrow my wonderful parents-in-law are coming and i think i will take my mil to the christmas market, shop something homemade and take some photos.

what are you up to?


Sian said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon. kidney stones are no fun at all!

Mel said...

I hope you get the rest you need and both of you feel better soon :)

Lizzie said...

Hope you are soon recovered.

I love your little album idea. Very clever! And the memory game is an inspiration!

{melissa} said...

Oh boy :-( Hope you're feeling better. What a genius idea with those wooden buttons!

Jools said...

I spent my day baking and icing over 75 cupcakes.

Love those tree trinket things. Hope you feel better soon.