Thursday, November 12, 2009

handmade gift # 3

here is a super easy and very handy gift you can make for anyone really. i made these little note books for a cuple of people on my giftlist. i went to the creative common search site to find free images i could use for this project. i love the keep calm and carry on products so i went with that. i printed them in the size i wanted (about 6x4") and then cut paper for the inside. one of the books is bound with book rings and the other one i used my ring binding device. oh, and the front image is protected and made more sturdy with a laminte surface.

you can easily use a photo or other image for the front ofcourse or even make themed books. as everyone needs some scribble paper sometime this is an easy gift to give!


helena said...

fantastic, I can cross two teenagers off my 'what on earth do I get them for christmas' list now as they would both love one of these and I have time to make them. thanks

sharyncarlson said...

love these projects! I never knew about that search site, thanks for the tip.