Tuesday, June 23, 2009

travel from home: montmartre

i am currently listening to Joanne Harris book the lollipop shoes and she describes montmartre in suh an amazing way that i just long to be there.

montmartre is a part of paris and were a village back in the days. it is on a 130 meter hill. its most famous building is the sacré coeur

but i am more intriged by the narrow streets...

photo from here

i would love to have dinner here...

photo from here

i would stop by rue de saules and visit the Galerie Butte

photo from here

i might even put a shirt on and sit here for awhile

my breakfast spot!

shop for fruit here

photo from here

well this is a must :)

i would most probably sit down for one of these :)

photo from here

most of all i would love to feel the feeling of creativity and magic i just know is there!

go here and just watch...

and i am just certain that amelie would be my bff :)

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