Friday, June 05, 2009

project runway ala my livingroom

well as my facebook update said earlier today; my livingroom looks like a workroom on project runway! the daughter is still sick and we were both bored, so we took out the sewing machine and all our scrap fabric and we have been creating ever since.

my daughter sewed a collection of clothes for her maisie mouse including a swim suite :)

those of you that know me know that i am not very good at sewing. my sewing adventures often include alot of luck and erhm one or two bad words...

i started out making a sun dress for my daughter. this was the first time i was trying out stretch bands. so this is a super duper simple no sleeves dress but she likes it :)

then something took over and i dug out the purple linnen that i had. and i totally and with no pattern at all made this dress for her!

i have finished the straps and altered here and there after this photo.

it is not at all well done but i am so damn proud of myself! now i am off to email mom :)


Tünde & Jerry said...

Hi there! Very nice and creative illness you have ;), maybe I can get it too??

Heather said...

I think both of your dresses are awesome! I can now follow simple patterns but still get very frustrated with sewing! I'd like to just sew with wild abandon and see what comes of it!