Friday, June 26, 2009


• i slept in the tent with my daughter this past night and now my back is killing me! and those damn crows had a convention, a loud one, at 5.20 am!

• my coffee tastes so good this morning!

• i am always touched by a big artists death, no less today since i heard the news about michael jackson.

• it seems to be a wonderful day today!

• i am so happy that i stayed inside for a few hours yesterday to clean the house!

• i am looking forward to the huge yard sale i am going to tomorrow!

• we are planning my daughters 10th birthday party, i suggested a girls night, to what my daughter replied ALL girls??? mom, it is more fun if the boys are there too! :)

• my peonies are so beautiful right now!

• i´d really would like a brown pair of crocs...

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Tünde & Jerry said...

boys boys boys I'm looking for a good time, boys boys boys get ready for my love!!! tra la la