Sunday, May 10, 2009

getting crafty in no praticular order...

an apron in the making :)

Last June we made some rhubarb leafs in cement and i decided to try to make some more. so now they lay there in the dirt and getting ready :)

i got out some scrap yarn and crochet this clutch bag :) i think it is so cute and i already know exactly what i am going to wear with it :)

i have also been so inspired to make a blanket with these lovely squares! i just googled for instructions and it wasn´t all that difficult really :)

Anna made a lovely blanket!

i realize this is a very longterm project, but i am happy that i can leave it and just pick it up when i am ready to.

some scraps ( i will be back with more info)

these color combos will be part in an upcoming project :) and they make me happy!

and finally a birthday present for one of my daughters girlfriends that is having a birthday party this weekend :)

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Augusti_73 said...

Vilken supersöt väska du virkat!