Wednesday, May 20, 2009

simplest gift idea ever!

hey people here i am going to share she simplest, easiest and quite possibly the sweetest gift idea ever! good eh?! ok, here we go.

i love books, especially childrens books. so, i have bought a few of my favorites and will be able to get out about like 10 or 15 gifts out of it! isn´t that good in our economic disaster of a world!

first, i want to say that i don´t especially love to be cutting into any book, but as i know that this one is not a first edition or anything i feel more ok. i simply trace around the glass of a frame or a picture that i want to frame and cut it out.

frame. gift wrap. repeat if needed. done! voila! i have done this plenty of times and it is a hit every time. among others i framed 3 images from a book and then gave them as a joint gift with the acctual book.

there you go!

ps. have you seen the new my minds eye lines? wow!


Vica_Vickan said...

Thank's sis! Pity you came up with this after my friends christening...

*mindi* said...

I love this idea! I used to do something similar with wall calendars. I have a kids book with illustrations that I love, but the kids don't care for the story. I think I'll have to make some cute art for my office.

I've missed your blog. I'll have to get caught up when my computer stops being stupid. :D

Tina said...

It's simple and sweet gift idea!! I just love it so much!!