Wednesday, June 25, 2008

we are a creative family :)

If you still haven´t bought a copy of Amanda Soules book "The creative family" (for swedish readers, they have it on!) you really should do that right now. There are so many thoughful and fun things to do with your children in there. However this little project was not found in that book. I have wanted to try concrete prints for a long time, but never really jumped on it. So, in the beginning of the month me and my daughter picked a few large rhubarb leaves and went to the schools sandbox and made a few of these.

Isn´t it just lovely?! I love all the lines that came out so very clear and yummy. I have this leaf in my front garden as an ornament. We have used all kinds of leaves for this, even made a bowl out of a smaller leaf which we use to collect our stones we pick while at the beach!

Wanna try? Ok!

You will need:

sand (if you have a sandbox it is perfect or even a beach.)
fine concrete (we used left overs from a home renovating project)
water and a bucket
a rhubarb leaf :)
a piece of plastic (like a bag or so)

So, first you make yourself a great pile of sand. The higher the pile gets the deeper the product will be. Then place your leaf over the pile of sand. Now mix your concrete, make sure it is not to rinny! And put the concrete over the leaf. Water it slightly and put the plastic over the whole thing, maybe using a rock or two to hold it there. Now it will have to "burn" for a day or so.

If there is any questions about this please leave a comment here or email me ( and i will try to explain better :)


Elin said...

Oh my mum and I made these a couple of summers ago at her summer house. When we came back the neighbours kids had jumped on them, breaking them in two... we have been thinking of doing them again though, they are really beautiful.

alittlebitofscrap said...

This is very lovely! Did you lay the leaf bottom side up on top of the sand?