Sunday, June 01, 2008

scrapjacked and weekend

Oh my gosh! I just went online and found out that the awesome girls over at Scrapjacked have chosen me as their "jack"! I am so honored and blushed :) They have chosen this layout that I did last december.

How cool is this! Go check out all their beautiful work and then come back :), right?!


We had another wonderful weekend with lovely summery weather and just haning around. Playing with the dogs on the beach, chatting with my father-in-law and mother-in-law, eating pizza and whatching late TV. My father-in-law was playing with his new camera and took a few really cute photos of us.

I love this one :)


i am off to scrap :)



kim brimhall said...

I LOVED scrapping your page for scrapjacked!!! it was you!!

NancyJones said...

congrats on the scrapjack! Ps I love that song on your blog!! that last photo is just too darn adorable!

staceyfike said...

you rock :)

*mindi* said...

Love the pictures!
congrats on scrapjacked ;)

Kate O'Brien said...

congrats on the jack! you are very deserving! awesome layout to jack.

and adore those photos!