Saturday, June 21, 2008

slow saturday + list

Oh how i hate slow saturdays...really i don´t but i am bored right now :) the weather is yuck and nothing is on TV either. So, i thought that i´d come online and see whats new :)
Yesterday i took my family with me to meet the famous calves! And as I thought, my daughter is like the "cow-whisperer" I swear she has a special way with all animals. It was so fun to see that my family enjoyed meeting the calves as much as me and Dixon did the other morning. And just really how many people can have their hands licked by a calf any day?! We were really on our way to celebrate Midsummer down at the beach with a picknick, which was lovely by the way.

An other thing that amazes me and my husband is how cool our daughter and Dixon has already bonded. They love to play together and Dixon follows her around all the time. I truly belive that every dog needs a child and every child needs a dog. They get so much out of eachother!

I have been struggling with my journaling that i made a commitment to on New Years. The words just don´t want to come i made a little list over a week or so about the things i really want to remember right now. And made it into a layout.

To get further inspiration I went to the Moleskine website which is always interesting. I checked out their user gallery and found a ton of cool stuff. And you can see a whole lot of yumminess here as they show an online Detour Exhibition. And their product catalog is good too! I had the Watercolor one but I might have lost it...

Ok, here is a inspo/cool things list for you:

Donna Downey has a really nice little shop.

Jennifer Johner made an awesome bulletin boards here.

And Kate just inspire me in so many ways.

Kal Barteski is such an amazingly talented artist!

Mandi has such a cool style :)

A really cool flickr group.

Ok, have a great weekend!

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Kate said...

Totally love your blog! So many great LOs! Thanks for sharing the inspo!