Saturday, March 28, 2009

an update on life

ok, ok so here we go. even though the week was kind of crummy; a migraine that lasted like 3 days, snow (again) and bad sleeps we took the day today for a family day. first we went to the animal shelter just for fun and support. we know the 2 women that run it and we got both sally and harry through them, i am also helping them out with their website. they had a new cat shelter which was very impressive and full of lovely little cats :) and well, if we could we would take every single one home...

then we went to see marley & me at the movies :)

we all laughed and cried and recognized so much in the movie. you see we have our own marley...

earlier this week i took some photos for mindis photo challenge which was green for march. i missed february because well, i apperently don´t own anything that is pink.

a thrifted glas cup and plate which i will plant a flower in...

our new bedspread.

home :)

edited: tada :)

and i will leave you with a new layout before i have to light some candles for earth hour!

´ll be back soon!


Mel said...

I guess I can read a little Swedish thanks to you, jag = me :)

My boys love their DS and Super Mario, lovely shot of your daughter :)

Sorry about the migraine and the snow :)

Laura said...

oh no! i'm so tired of winter. sending warm thoughts your way! :)

those kitties are too cute! like you, i wish i could adopt all homeless kitties.

Pegasus said...

Sorry you had some more snow. But, you had a great day with the animals and at the movies! Enjoy! Glad your migraine went away!! :0)