Sunday, March 08, 2009

bits & pieces around the house today

so, i have these awesome new camera and i just need to use it :) this is what came out of that camera today.

in our hallway we have a season wall where i hang a new vintage almanackpage in a frame and add stuff related to the season on the little shelf.

lovely little vases are always cute and i love that we have springflowers in the garden!

a vintage postcard i bought in France lst year.


the side of the fridge is kinda full with this and that.

young love...

every home needs alittle paris :)

our new arm chair from IKEA.

i went thriftshopping saturday and found this tiny tin and WW bus :) they are so cute.

i would love to have one of these :)

pasta anyone?

how did you weekend look like?


sandra said...

i wish i would've taken more pics of my weekend...although uneventful, there was lots of rain with good sunlight.

your new armchair looks great btw!

eldh said...

Tack snälla du för det fina och välfyllda paketet som kom till mig i fredags!!! / Elin