Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour and a few faves

We had a lovely time during earth hour on saturday night. we read out loud to each other and did some crossword puzzles. the daughter even fell sound asleep during the quite time. it was very relaxing. did you turn of your lights during earth hour?

the story: my mother in law turned 62 last week and i wanted to document how cool and beautiful she looked!

the goods: well, as you can see i used a few buttons from my vintage stash :) i love them all. i acctually sewed them all in by hand and then did my journaling on my typewriter poped that on there and the numbers are foam stickers.

the story: me and my husband will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on april 27th and this weekend it was exactly 6 years and 11 months. silly to count maybe but i am so very proud of us to have been through what we have been through and still be very much in love.

the goods: i "polaroid" the photo and attached it with masking tape. the numbers are foam stickers and the letters are from a rub-on sheet. journaling on my beloved typewriter and punched out some hearts to make a third boarder.

i got lost in flickr-land last night and here are a few of my favorites. don´t you just love the ability to see so much loveliness at one time?! and that hedgehog is just killing me :)

1. * Printed love, 2. Inspired By Nina van de Goor, 3. Stylist's bedroom 2, 4. state of play: acquired by occasional retirement, 5. Here he is again... The Cute Smile, 6. March 20th - is the 1st day of spring for 2009, 7. welcoming warmth, 8. globe, 9. Tagged, 10. snapshot, 11. spring in california, 12. toes, 13. #01 cheerio, 14. Untitled, 15. what I found, 16. happy, 17. mom's flowers :), 18. Liviadoptavla2, 19. Liviadoptavla, 20. vi, 21. Gaslamp District, 22. The flower park, 23. more bokeh tree, 24. *, 25. peeling back layers, 26. kick it!, 27. Happiness is a warm puppy, 28. BUTTON BOKEH, 29. ...Tjaša..., 30. just an observation

a long day for me today, i am going to a late lecture this evening...yawn!


Thinkie said...

nice lo's!

amytangerine said...

like your flickr pics!

Mel said...

you and your husband are a perfect fit, I love how your head fits in the nook of his neck :)

guurk said...

Earth Hour with toxic chemical powered lights and carbon dioxide emitting, petroleum based, candles... nice!