Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wonderful wednsday

it sure is a wonderful wednsday here! I am feeling happy and content with everything and that is huge for me :) LAst night I also made up my mind on losing those comfort kilos I have gain since last summer. It started out great with me being up super early this morning and went for a power walk! I just hope that it lasts :) I don´t know if you all know, but I joined Weight Watchers in 2005 and lost alot of weight doing that. You can read more here and see the change here. I just felt so good at that weight and now my goal is to go back there again. I have about 5 kilos to loose and since I have lost 13 once, 5 would be a easy, right?! :)

Another thing that makes me happy is that my scraping mojo has come back! And maybe it has to do with me rearranging the scrapping room a bit? I have some projects going on and will share soon. And there is so much eye candy out there at the moment. Here are some faves:

I love the colors on Annas lo.

Nora had a wonderfully inspirational post the other day, yum!

cool everyday layout makes me happy!

This happy layout also makes me smile.

I love the way Maria Grace journalled here.

And mrs Crowe made an awesome one here.

And some happy photos :)

Have a happy day!


Christal said...

Awesome, It is so great that your on a misson and focused.. I too am on the weight lose wagon... 50.2 pounds down! WO ho! If I CAN do it you CAN too! I have all the faith in you! I think I should post some before and afters.. If you need a pat on the back or some encouragment, I will be here!

Lisa said...

Your roses are beautiful! and I love your new blog header... so sweet :) Good luck on the weight loss! I'm on that journey myself and am going to attend my first WW meeting today.

Karine said...

Good luck for losing weight! i also have 5kg to lose but i'm in holidays and the weather is not so fine here... so i cook lot of chocolate cakes with my little boy... and eat them! Not very easy to resist!
I really like your photos of "I am..." seen in flickr!
Have a good day

CandiMandi said...

dude I wish I had the money for weight watchers! I probably would if I quit spending money on clothes... hmmm
i loved your upbeat post today!

Augusti_73 said...

Hej, vilken härlig header du har!!
Trevlig helg!