Sunday, August 05, 2007

sunday news

May I introduce the latest member of our family; Rocky!

Rocky is a rottveiler at age 8 months who really needed a new home. As people know we have taken care of 2 other dogs from the animal shelter before they asked us if we were able to take in another one… Well, my first reaction was NO! I thought that it is more than enough to have 2 dogs and a cat who thinks he is a dog. And I would have considered it if it was a smaller dog in question. But a big dog like that, oh no! But soft hearted as I am I agreed to meet him. Mind you my husband and daughter had already made up their minds, which were saying YES YES YES! So, we met and he gets along great with the other 2 dogs and also my daughter (which is very important to us!) It was a BIG dog who is still very puppy-like and very sweet. My heart melted of course! And we brought him home to test him out in our home environment for a few days. And well, he seems to be staying…
My entire family is very animal loving and loves to look at animal tv-shows and documentaries. We have stumbled over a few animals that makes our hearts melt and ache. We would gladly take care of each and every dog or cat in our animal shelter, but we can of course. Have you taken care of an animal? No? But you have always wanted a dog or a cat? Then go visit your local animal shelters website today and check it out. Maybe your animal is just sitting there waiting for you. It has to be said that some of the animals in such shelters have been abused and mistreated so they have is not going to always be easy.

The very same day that we met Rocky (oh, just look at that sweet face!) I also went to IKEA. Yay! One of my favourite places. I had an idea in my head for a while about using fabric instead of patterned paper on my scrapbook layouts. So, I picked up some scraps of a few different fabrics and went home to begin to create! This is what I have done until now and it is really fun so I will surely make a few more.

If you have noticed, the little poll I have about me opening a online store a lá etsy has ended. I know that it is not scientific because I had only 5 voters but as I can see the felt items are in the top. Good because that is what I thought too! The store idea is still just that, an idea, so I am not making any promises.

I am leaving you with the link to one of the funniest places I know right now. Go play with your photos here.


susan opel said...

I love you banner at the top of your blog, and I really love your use of fabric on your layouts!

One cool chick said...

that dog is sooo cute and your pages are cool too!

forestsister said...

fab layouts. love that neat collage of the polariods! wow.

inkie said...

OH Lisa... he is just sooooo adorable. I can imagine you said NO at first, I would have done the same, but look at that face!!! I love him already and can't wait to hear more about Rocky living with you now.


motherkearney said...

Love your use of fabric!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am so excited about your new puppy! It is so great that you adopted him. :) I love your big, sweet heart.

I also love, love the fabric layouts! Gorgeous! I need to go to Ikea and see if we have that polka dot fabric here.

And yay for the felt! I am thrilled to hear you're doing an etsy shop!