Sunday, May 20, 2007

you never now...

my day ended in the emergency room today. My daughter went with a friend and the friends father to the harbour by bike to buy icecream. She has done this trip a hundred times before. I stayed home gardening. You know sometimes you think, i hope she comes home safe and the worst senario plays before your mind, but then you say to yourself that oh, nothing is going to happen.

Well, today it did.

I was back in the garden and I didn´t even understand what was happening when I see a lady carry a child in her arms. It took like 5 seconds to comprahens that it was my child. My daughter had, had an accident with the bike. She had fallen and tumbled a few meters and had cuts all over and a very soar foot. The adrenaline was pumping as she screamed and cried so much. She was in so much pain and the chock made her tremble terrible. We went to hospital at once and they said that she must have had a guardian angel. Her ankle was soar from getting caught in the wheel but not broken. And the cuts where sort of ok, but one had to be stitched up.

I am beat. And I thank God that she had a helmet on. God only knows what had happen if she hadn´t. Please, make your kids wear helmets! And you too... You never know!


Kim said...

So glad she is ok!
I do make sure they wear their helmets...even though they still have training wheels on the bikes, lol!

mel said...

Oh you poor things, I hope you are both doing OK :)

inge said...

Hope you are over the worst shock now!!! What a scary story! Hope your daughter is doing allright now.

Love Inge