Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday blogging going on...

I am so happy that it is finally thursday because that means it´s weekend! Yes, you read that right… a 4 day weekend for miss Lisa this week. Ah, I so need that!

My friend Inge, made a really cool post on her blog the other day. She talks about taking and making time for herself to play/create everyday. Good for you, Inge! She gives a few book tips aswell. Check it out!

I could easily live here, sleep here…

why does my wardrobe look like this and not like this? (these are NOT my real ones!!!)

Oh, if I had a porch (crossing my fingers!) i´d like to have it look something like this!

And this is really cool art I think.

I am a proud member in Beezieland a place filled with wonderful and spunky ladies. It is a password protected place so I can´t link you, but I was thinking about all the fun stuff we do there. For example the leadlady Suzie (suziebeezie over at 2peas) lurkes places where we can buy cute, cool and beautiful things, she has house beautification projects, different challenges and so on. The newest challenge is a flickr adventure where we (the members) post weekly photo challenges. At this time we have posted 3 times. The first one was “my kitchen sink” then something red in your home that you love, and finally our computer areas. It is lot´s of fun, I think. As we are shattered all over the world this is a fun way of getting to know eachother better. I am putting a link to my gallery in the sidebar!

I am cleaning out “my world” today. Phew! I like it though, you find stuff that you didn´t know you had. Maybe I´ll do a little before and after thing? We´ll see.

I am doing a really fun thing right now, I am making my BOS (over at 2peas) into a Power Point presentation and then I am going to print it so it comes out in those smaller squares. I then am going to put them all in a binder and wow what a load of inspiration it will be! This makes me so happy.
I think I will do the same thing with a few of my layouts and projects and show them as a slideshow at one of my classes I am teaching.

I am also doing the my life in photos, by the hour, every hour thing! Inspired by Susanna!


Mary Jo said...

If you can give directions on how to make your BOS squares smaller, I would love to know!
I waste to much ink trying to print out those layouts when I :0)

Suziebeezieland is the best isn't it!!! :0)

Susanna said...

I can't wait to see one of your days!!!

mel said...

I have been making mini books like you described for your BOS for a while now and it is fabulous. I have done it by my favourite scrappers and I love to flick thru it.