Thursday, May 17, 2007

crafty crafty :)

I actually felt some craftyness coming on today :) I have been wanting to do one of these minibooks for a while now, since I saw something like it on 2peas a while back. I am going to have it as a travel journal type book over the summer. I´ll bring it on diffrent adventures and such. It was lots of fun to make it!
Instructions: I used a paperbag which I cut of so it became one size. I adhered paper on the right side and toar out some journaling paper and stapled it to the paper. A tip to make it more sturdy I used some cardstock on the inside of the bag. I made a little tag and added a button. For the left side I sewed 9 plastic envelopes (where I plan to put tickets and other small things along the way) to cardstock and adhered that to the page. Just so I could devide the envelopes i put stickers as tabs. The front page is selfexplainatory :)

I have also completed a minibook of favorite photos. A simple all-about-the-photos kind of minialbum. I like how thick it became! Here is the cover and then a selection of pages.

Mary Jo made a comment where she wanted to know how I make the pictures in my 2peas BOS into smaller squares. Here is how. When you are about to print your Power Point presentation there are some options in the print section. In the lower part of the Print window there is a PRINT title and below that it usually says pictures or something like that. Change that to the second option (I have the swedish version so I don´t know what it is called in english). After that you can decide on how many pictures per page you want to be printed. I chose 6. Good Luck!

ps. I officially suck at the photo per hour thing! :(

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Susanna said...

Lisa, you want to know my secret in doing it?
I set my cell phone alarm to remind me!
Every hour.
When the alarm rang, I changed to one hour ahead and took my photo.