Monday, February 19, 2007

i made some :)

I made some layouts this evening!

I made the CJ entry to Inges You-nique CJ! I love that CJ it is fantastic! Here you go Inge!

This one is about getting sweet kisses from my nephew :)

This one is about our snowman this year. It was naughty...:) It had boobs and a bum :)

My husband in his cool hat! There is some hidden journaling under the papperned paper. Everything looks crocked but I blame it on the scanner, argh!

My grandfather is from the former Jugoslavia and he has his relatives including his brother still there. My grandfather came to Sweden in 1969 so he has lived here for a long time. I think it is so cool that he chats with his brother over the web-cam! :)

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Katy said...

Great layouts Lisa... I love your sense of fun and adventure! :)