Saturday, February 10, 2007

happy about this:

my in law family is here to celebrate my DH and my birthdays this weekend and that offcourse means presents! I am happy about getting:

~ a gift cerificate to my local scrapbook store. comes in handy since I am planning to go next weekend...:)
~ ink for my printer (yellow) and GC to buy the rest! Yay!
~ money... ;)
~ and my all time favorite (this is where i said ok you can all entertain yourselfs this weekend and i´ll be in my craft room!) i got Keri Smiths book "Tear up this book"

Oh, my! You may all remember my oh:s and ah:s over the other book "Living out loud!" that i bought just before Christmas. This book is all that good too! It is more a pratical book where you get tons of cool creative ideas to make things. For example:

~ 10 cool things to do with string and paper

~ Fun with gum-wrapper

~ Create a mood-o-meter

~Play wandering bingo

and i can go on and on! Inge, this is a must have book for us! I also love that the book is soft and that it fits in your purse so that you can have it with you, just as the other book. Keri Smith often talks about how you should thing creative all day long and if you can bring her books with you, that must be a good creative thing!

oh, and i think (crossing my fingers) that my mojo might possibly perhaps maybe gotten back on track...i have been so bummed and down for such a long time now that i thought that i might never get that feeling back. But as sure as rain in April it comes back everytime! I have been doing some sketches and jotted down some ideas in my book that i am dying to do. I think that is good for me, to not actually create something for a while and just burp ideas out. It gets me thinking a bit more, do you know what I mean? I have been thinking a bit about Ali and her Azine challenge this week, to write you own creative manifesto. Keri Smith talks about much of what was said in the newsletter this week too. It is good to think. I have not been able to get anything down yet, but it is in there, in my head for now. I have also been thinking about what inspires me and I know I have been talking about that before both here and here. And I always come back to color. i love color! every color that is. That was why I was happy to see that the fabulous Susie had a new link in the Beezieland the other day. Check it out here i love these fabrics they are cool and sassy and sweet and beautiful...well everything! Go wander in fabricland for a while!

And the How much is too much blog have a new challenge up:

7 Patterned Paper
14 Flowers
21 Stickers

Hm...ok i might do this! Have a great saturday!

Ps. Thanks to Marie that helped me a lot with the banner thing, I am almost there! :)


kim said...

I could lost at that fabric site...thanks for the link! Can't wait to see your hmitm layout!

inge said...

I want it!!!!
I want it!!!!
Oh YES... I really want it!!!
The Kerri-boOk that is!

It's on top of my wish-list!


Marie said...

yea! i finally got over here to check out your banner-love it! you have some extra html in there that's why you have that extra thing under it. if you copy your html i will look at it and see if i can find the problem :)