Friday, July 04, 2008

a random list

1. These two are soooo happy to see eachother again! Dixon was all over the place when my daughter came home from her vacation. And she was very happy to be home too!

2. We have had some warmer days now after a few weeks of rainy weather and i was blown away by how many butterflies that has come out these last days.

3. we had some fun street art time yesterday. we made fun and huge drawings.

4. i went through my favorites at SIS and just had to snag her idea! i just shrunk my fave photos in a word document and printed them out. then i cut a heart from a colored pageprotector and added the journaling.

5. i was going through my june photos and i just felt so happy. i think they represent a happy month.

6. i am so impressed and inspired by Ashley Wren and Rhi

7. i am home alone this rainy but oh so hot saturday and i am watching reality shows and scrapping = i am happy! :)

i´ll be back soon with a more creative post!

1 comment:

mel said...

wow I love those layouts, I am off to make my own. Also thanks for all the links it was a nice way to spend a quite Sunday morning :)