Monday, July 07, 2008


So, as i promised here comes a more creative related post yet again!

I was blog hoppin´ just as i usually am on a slow weekend and i came upon this post by Kerry Lynn Yeary I thought that the book was just so cool. I followed her link to Gigi Kennedy´s original post and i just fell in love. Now, i am not at all an art journal kinda girl, but i thought maybe i would challenge myself to make one of those lovely books. So, as instructed i took a old book and tore away the whole hardcover. And folded in all the pages.

I used some hard tape to make the binding good again.

Then the fun" begins :) I added some tabs to the pages i have done already.

I decided to use this book for the song lyrics and poems, sayings i have as favorites. I am still working on the "art journaling" bit, but i love the feel of this little, thick book!

I advise you to make one, it is easy and fun!

Edited: I made a new banner and for that i used Katie Teague Tree Farm Brushes that i bought at 2peas and free love digital kit also from 2peas.


nadine jenine said...

fields of gold is one of my favorite songs!

Korbyn said...

This is fabulous! I love that you are doing the book with lyrics! I was so inspired by her book and can't wait to do one of my own! Thanks for sharing!!!

*mindi* said...

oh i love those trees!

Heather said...

Love your art book. I'm not going to even go back and look at the other girlies' books. I'm going to make one based on the inspiration of yours. I love it, and am not really an 'artsy' person like yourself. Can't wait to get my book!! Yea!!! :)