Monday, March 31, 2008

monday and short weekend recap

Yup that is what i am making on my desk right now :) I am loving is! Here are 2 peeks...

I am working on some other projects but they are mostly in my head so far :)

We took the loveliest walk in the forest saturday...I handed over the camera to my daughter and I love the photos she snapped of us. Note how tall my husband is :)

Yup, Harry was resting just a short while on our walk. While my daughter and Sadie had more energy!

We had a lovely relaxing weekend and i am happy about all the new photos that I can use in future scrapping projects!

I have to make dinner for my sweethearts!



Karoline Sigoldson said...

Dina LO:s ser ut att vara jättefina, ska bli kul att få se resten...:-)
Härliga bilder! Här ösregnade det i helgen så våra promenader blev aldrig av.
Nu ska jag kolla igenom alla dina "inspirations" länkar...

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kara said...

Your blog is so lovely.