Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a post of lists

First is a list of goodies I just found while browsing the urban outfitters site.


Ah! The yumminess!

Then a list of things I am happy about today:

1. I have been chosen to the next round in the search of the new Fashonsitas at SIS :)

2. The sky looking like this this morning.

3. I am printing some new photos tomorrow so that i can scrap.

4. I am seeing my new baby neices this weekend.

5. It is snowing!

Then a list of...oh I blanked out mostly because I haven´t eaten yet today...see you after dinner!


*mindi* said...

congratulations on the SIS thing :)

what is that circle CD thing? does it hang on the wall? i might need it. :-D

Tina said...

Oh, I could spend a million dollars at Urban Outfitters!

Congrats on SIS! I'll be rooting for ya :)

Karoline Sigoldson said...

Ja, mycket snyggt! Speciellt, är det en plånbok m fotofickor? Den såg cool ut...
Och grattis till SIS, hoppas att du får vara med hela vägen! Vore ju jättekul!
Jag måste verkligen framkalla lite bilder att scrappa, jag har samma känsla inför mina foto som jag känner när jag öppnar garderoben...en miljon grejjer men inget som passar...