Thursday, January 17, 2008


Baby Foot, originally uploaded by KamranM.

1. I got to 2 baby nieces today :) I live a few hours away and they are still in the hospital, so I haven´t seen them yet alas the borrowed photo :) Baby #2 is doing fine and is with her daddy. But my sister is back on OR because she has a fever and is still bleeding alot. They may have to do a hysterectomy which is sad offcourse, but they have 3 lovely children now! Baby #1 is tired and has a touch of a fever so she is in Nic-u for the time being. But we are keeping faith and hoping everything will turn out fine!

Keep them in mind when you send happy thoughts today :)

2. I have been working on some new goodies for my etsy and here is a sneak peek

You will have to make it to my shop to see the whole thing :)

3. And I also have been working a while on a new project where I have been inspired by Ali and her book :) I have also used my Bind-it-all which I am loving to do! I am not entirely done yet, so here is another sneak peek.

4. Gigi had a wonderful song on her blog today!

5. I cannot belive how brave this woman is! We all should learn from her.

6. The KI-blog has a precious challenge up!

7. I love looking into other peoples craft rooms! Don´t you?! I found this group too.

8. oh, no I just have to go make dinner :( Be sure to leave a comment to make me happy! ♥


KarinSN said...

Ååå, superlänkar till skpande rum! Jättetack! Tänkte att det är dags att jag lämnar avtryck, jag kollar in här så fort du uppdaterar. Gillar ditt skapande helt enkelt.

*mindi* said...

that is the sweetest baby foot! what a sweet picture :)

Gillian said...

Congrats on the new babies! I'll be thinking about them and hoping everything turns out okay :)

nadine jenine said...

twins! how exciting!

bunno said...

I hope they both get better quickly. That is one of the most gorgeous foot pictures I have ever seen, simply beautiful

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

sweet happy blessed thoughts for your nieces and your sister!!!!!