Thursday, March 11, 2010

grand opening!

i have decided on re-opening my etsy shop and now with a whole new theme! i have added a bunch of polaroid prints digitally transformed from my own photos to the shop. when i did my list i really wanted to have "working on getting paid for my photos" to be on there. this is a way to try :)

Here are a few items in the shop

Set of 4 polaroid prints digitally transformed from photographers own photos. Are ideal for notecards or framing. I have used a few of these are notecards that i send with a gift for a friend etc. but they are also very nice on a line like this!

i also have a "your choice" option in the shop. This is where you can choose a polaroid print that you would like to buy from a list:

I personally love all these! :)

So please come and visit me!


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