Friday, December 25, 2009

a little list for fun

. i wish the weather could make up its mind! one minute it is pouring down, next there is snow and now it is pouring again...

. i can´t wait to get home and in my craft room again! i long to make something with my hands!

. today was so much fun, hanging out with my side of the family.

. it was so nice to see the dogs again after our trip!

. i cannot wait ´til i see my daughter again on sunday!!!!

. i got the cutest gifts today: pyjamas, socks and other lounging gear!

. i love my new willow tree angel, the angel of friendship!

. when i get home i am going to photograph the babushka doll i bought while in koln on the christmas market, it is beautiful!

. i am having fun trying to find new ideas for the new year!

thats all for now, guys! good night...


Debbie said...

Love those willow tree ornaments! I don't have that one yet.

helena said...

love the angel and share you desire to make something with my hands soon