Saturday, August 15, 2009

ok, let´s get started on that update post shall we.

first things first, we have a winner for the TOSGA daughter choose the number 10 an the tenth commenter was...Thinkie!. Yay Thinkie!

next, i wanted to share some photos me and my daughter took of eachother yesterday evening. the light was perfect!

scrapbooking-wise i surely have more desire than time right now...but i am happy that i at least have the mojo ;)

the story: :) well my new love!

the goods: i made this layout in a 6 * 12 size which is a great one for stories like this with not so many words, i think. the sign and the } are from MME and i punched a whole lot of circles from all sorts of patterned papers.

the story: my daughter knows that i love agatha christie novels with hercule poirot and she wanted to pose as him :)

the goods: the background paper is from a SIS collection and i just used the circles as a design. and again i used my circle punchouts, which i acctually punched during a tv-series featuring hercule poirot!

the story: strawberries = summer in a box!

the goods:for this i dug into my red scraps :)

the biggest news on friday with me getting my drivers licence! normally in sweden you get it when your 18, but i just haven´t gotten to it. and i don´t think i would have without my husba nd pushing me :) so finally i could call all of my family and say that i got it!!! oh my god, i was su euphoric i just had to lay down afterwards :)

and today i got a lovely call from our local flower shop telling me that i had flowers to collect! my mom and sisters send me these lovely flowers :)

and dixon was exhausted apperently ;)

today we drove down to the ferry with the moped the whole family :)

then me and my daughter took the car to drive to a local farmer who has a small market. made me happy.

and this made me long for lovely crisp fall days!

then we picked up my parents in law and had some lovely shrimp sandwitches with a wonderful view of our lake and island.

the day ended with the annual midevil festival.

phew..that´s it folks :)


Thinkie said...

Yay! Thanks! Can't wait to see what I've won! Vintage London images will definately come in handy since I have yet to scrap about one of my visits to said city last year!
Congrats on getting your drivers license! Gratulationer I think they say in Swedish? ;-)
Since you're in Sweden you might enjoy some of my blogposts from the past few weeks on the first days of our trip to Sweden last June (just scroll down on my blog. More posts to come after I've worked my way trough more photo's!), what a beautiful country!
Medieval festivals are cool, I've been to one a few weeks ago. Isn't it fun to dress up for such an event!
p.s.: I like your pages in this post!

scrapperjen said...

WOW! What an update!
I love all the photos - they are beautiful.
Your scrapbook pages are wonderful - thank you so much for sharing.
Have a wonderful week!