Saturday, April 11, 2009

a longish post :)

i rearranged my craftroom for like the 20th time :) i wanted a few new things on the walls. the fabric hoops (seen below) and these baby clothes from when my daughter was small made the trick!

i thrifted this lovely fabric blind last summer without having measurements for my window. when i got home it was to small for our windows but i cut it up to make a few projects. like these...

this poor thing was longing to get outside while i was sick...

although i was feeling crap, i had to get the camera out for this.

my daughter begged me to take a walk down by the water and well i wasn´t very hard to convince, since i l.o.v.e the beach.

we had such a sweet time together. we talked and snuggled and laughed on the windy but yet kinda warm beach. all while this guy did what he does best.

i am in the process of changing the monthly shelf in my hallway. for easter i put these little guys on there.

this little guy is such a fave for me, my daughter made him :)

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