Thursday, August 07, 2008


last night i had the strangest dreams. i always dream alot, but this was to much! i had like torture dreams the entire night. i woke up all wet of sweat all night long and it was like i wanted to wake up, but couldn´t really. bleh.
i did have a more lovely morning though. i had the best coffee infront of the computer while browsing my favorite blogs. Among others I especially loved these posts today:

Taras header
work in progress
memory makers

i listened to some morning shows on the radio and then had to get ready for work. it was a bit rainy today, so the rainboots was on :)

i was so energetic when i got home that i went for a 2 hour walk with the dogs, mowned the lawn, vaccumed before 4 pm :) it feels good. so my night will hopefully be peaceful!

I am getting the family ready for a happy and fun weekend here. we are hoping for some really good weather!

i so want to get some scrapping done!

i need to sit with my dear daughter for a while, to get her to write a wishlist for her birthday...can you belive that she can´t get one out by herself! She is 9 soon!

ok, rambling is over. :)

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Heather said...

Looks like a fun weekend ahead.

Have a great time.