Monday, February 18, 2008

picnic, preperations and good bye!

Me and my daughter decided we should have a picnic in the sun. Said and done, we packed some goodies and took Sadie (dog) and our bikes and biked to our special place in the forest. The sun was lovely between the tree-tops and the birds were singing. Divine, really. Sadie snacked on a hot-dog we brought with us, she was all over our bags :) I snapped this one of here begging, isn´t she the cutest!

Ps. She did get a cinnamon roll too :)

I have begun the big preperations for our trip later this week, I can´t belive that it is time already! I have done a few loads of laundry and now is the dreaded "what do I pack" epsidod. I mean it is only 5 days, but man a work week is 5 days and I use lot´s of clothes in those days! And how about shoes! We are going to do alot of walking so I think I will go for comfortable for that. And then my boots for dinner...I think :) I am sure it will be ok, it always is. I guess this is kind of travel jitters :)

I have been scrapping a little, so I did mess up that neat desk again :) Since weekends at my moms means alot of new photos, I have a ton of them to scrap. Just what I need when I come back with like a million Amsterdam/Paris photos after this weekend!
I tried those cute crumbled paper flowers on this one. Such an easy way to make your own embellishments!

And this one, using the yummy Amy Butler paper pack, with photos of my mom with her new grandkids.

I am loving the effect these frames do for the photos, even when I print them out!

Ok ok so I will quite stalling and say goodbye and see you soon!


Anonymous said...

AH!!! that puppy is SO cute!!

have a great trip!!!

Inge said...

Wish you a safe trip and lots of fun!


Angela said...

ahhh that's such a cute pic of sadie!!! I can understand you not refusing her the cinnamon role! ;-)
Have a great time on your trip!

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

Vad mysigt det ser ut! Och Sadie är ju bara för söt.
Ha en bra dag!

Karoline Sigoldson said...

Vad mysigt med picknick...
Fina LO:s, vovven är sååå söt.
Ramarna runt fotona är super! Jättesnyggt!
Jag skickade in bilder igår för framkallning så nu väntar jag otåligt!!!
Så länge har jag scrappat några sidor till Majas 1a år album, är sååå trött på det nu...
Men snart är det klart.
Åh, vad kul att resa iväg! Andas lite ny luft och fota massa kul!

Amy said...

Your puppy is just adorable, top dog! (sorry for the pun)

Anonymous said...
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alittlebitofscrap said...

I like your new photos and the new layouts, nice! and that sadie is adorable!! Have fun in Paris :)

elin79 said...

Oh vad jag gillade dessa pappersblommor, liftade idén totalt! Gillar din sida massor, alltid så spännande projekt på gång.